Tic Tac Toe Wall Art

FABRIC USED: Natural Burlap with Lace1/2 yard solid burgundy cotton fabric

TOOLS USED: Sewing machine, large self-healing cutting mat, 3X18” ruler, cotton thread, rotary cutter, sewing clips, iron, ironing board, paintbrush, 20 x 24 blank canvas, fabric glue, (optional: large wooden X and O letters)

I began by cutting a piece of the natural burlap from the roll measuring 24″ wide x 18″ long. Then I cut 2 strips from the burgundy fabric measuring 3″ wide x 18″ long.

Next, I sub-cut the burlap fabric into 3 strips measuring 6″ wide x 18″ long. After clipping the burgundy strips to the burlap fabric, I used a 1/4″ seam allowance to sew together. After sewing together, I ironed the fabric until smooth.

The picture below is a bit hard to see, but I am just showing how I started brushing the fabric glue on the canvas top with a paintbrush. I gently adhered the sewn burlap and burgundy fabric by smoothing it down.

Once the fabric has thoroughly dried, I prepared to glue my X and O wooden letters onto the fabric brushing glue onto the letters, then adhering to the fabric. You may arrange the letters however you’d like. If you wanted to make the canvas art into a functional game board, you could leave the canvas as-is shown above. Since I wanted to have a permanent look, I decided to glue the pieces. Here are my results below once I’ve allowed the letters to dry. As you can see below, I didn’t add enough glue and my burgundy fabric bubbled a bit. I went back and added a bit more glue to these areas, which smoothed out the fabric.



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