Sewing Essentials

Besides the most important tools of all, the sewing machine and sewing table, here’s my list of essential sewing tools needed to complete those fun sewing projects.

  • Rotary Cutter– When I don’t feel like bringing out my fabric scissors, I use my rotary cutter. This small tool makes cutting fabric a breeze. I love that this rotary cutter has a safety latch to protect you from any unfortunate mishaps.
  • Ruler-I have several rulers, but this 3×18″ acrylic ruler is my go-to, especially for quilting projects.

  • Sewing pins and magnetic holder– I mostly use sewing pins when sewing garments, but when I do use them, I make sure to have them on my magnetic holder. If I had a dollar for every pin I’ve dropped when I didn’t have this handy gadget, I’d be rich! The magnetic holder is a quick pick up tool if you do accidentally drop pins on the floor.
  • Sewing clips– These are the star of the show and a must for me! Sewing clips are great for stabilizing multiple layers of fabric. They also come in handy when I’m out of paper clips!

  • Iron and ironing board– These are also must-have tools! I have a couple different irons, but the Steamfast travel iron is my favorite. This little gadget heats up very fast and is great for pressing those pesky seams down. I use a table-top ironing board that I keep by my sewing table to quickly press my fabric.
  • Safety pins– Although I have safety pins of different sizes, I love the large brass safety pins. They are sturdy and great for keeping all your quilting layers in place while quilting.

  • Thread trimmers– I have a basic pair of thread trimmers that get the job done when I need to cut loose threads.
  • Thread, seam ripper, water-soluble marker–  There are so many thread choices available on the market-different colors and weights to name a couple. I usually opt for an all-purpose thread for most of my sewing projects. When quilting, I often choose a thread that is 40 weight. Here is a link about thread weight. Oh the seam ripper-it can be your best friend or your worst enemy! Most sewing machines come with a small seam ripper as a part of its accessories. I have long fingers and decided I needed one that was ergonomically better. Many fabric stores offer seam rippers that have longer handles, which is perfect for me. Water-soluble pens are a fantastic tool to mark your fabric for measuring. When you dab your fabric with water, there is no stain left on your fabric, which is great.

The next two aren’t really essentials but are nice to have in my sewing space. I love plants fake or live! It just gives me a pleasant energy. I also enjoy having my Cutting Gizmo, which is awesome for quickly cutting thread when sewing a continuous line of fabric for quilting…aka chain-piecing.

Here’s a list of other essentials that are great to have in your sewing space.

  • Storage, storage, storage. I have a couple of 3-tier utility carts and Rubbermaid storage bins. These help me keep my fabric stash under control and organized.
  • Seam guide and measuring tape.  If you are sewing garments, I’d highly recommend a seam guide to help make your seams as accurate as possible. A measuring tape is also needed to ensure a perfect fit for your garments.
  • Fabric scissors. A good pair of fabric scissors is a must if you’re not using a rotary cutter.  Remember, never mix up your paper scissors with fabric scissors…a big no-no!
  • Self-healing cutting mat. This is a must if using a rotary cutter to cut out your fabric. The mat helps protect your sewing table.
  • Your favorite tunes! There’s nothing better than jamming to your favorite songs while sewing your projects.
  • Lint roller. I use a lint roller to pick up any loose strands that happen when cutting my fabric. I also use it to tidy up my fabric when I snip thread.
  • Corkboard bulletin. I use my corkboard as a vision board for inspiration.

I know I missed many other sewing essentials, but these are my go-to’s. I’d love to hear what you all require in your sewing spaces!

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