Sew Your Own Canvas Wall Art!

While growing up, I remember my family getting together for game night. We played darts, checkers, UNO, monopoly, and many other games. I really enjoyed making this project as it brought back so many fun memories! I decided to make two different styles of canvas art: Checkers and Tic-Tac-Toe. Both of these would be fun additions to your living room, game room or dorm room!

FABRIC USED: 1-yard bright red solid cotton fabric, 1-yard black solid cotton fabric (Note: I prewashed my fabric as the instructions for the fabric glue recommended this)

TOOLS USED: Sewing machine, large self-healing cutting mat, 3X18” ruler, cotton thread, rotary cutter, sewing clips, iron, ironing board, paintbrush, black acrylic paint, newspaper, water, small container, 20 x 24 blank canvas, fabric glue, (optional: blow dryer, checker pieces)

First, I cut the black fabric into 21 squares measuring 3.5″ x 3.5″. Then I cut the red fabric into 21 squares with the same measurements. After cutting the squares, I laid them out on the blank canvas to get an idea of how I wanted the squares to look.

Since I preferred the larger squares, I ended up with 7 rows of 6, which made a total of 42 squares. If you want a realistic board, you would cut the squares out smaller and have 8 rows of 8 totaling 64 squares. Once I was satisfied with the layout I sewed each square row-by-row, using a 1/4″ seam allowance to sew the squares together. Here is how the rows began to look.

After all of the rows were sewn, I placed each row together making sure I tried to match up the seams as best as possible. Below is an open view of how the seams nest together. I used my sewing clips to hold the fabric together and sewn with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Then, I turned my fabric over to iron the seams open. After ironing, I trimmed the fabric as my edges were a bit uneven.

Below is a picture of my trimmed edges. I sat the finished fabric to the side and gathered my paintbrush, container of water, black acrylic paint, newspaper, blank canvas, and fabric glue. Since I couldn’t find black canvas at my local store, I painted the edge and sides of the canvas black to have a more sleek look. I placed the newspaper down on my table and laid the blank canvas facing up. Then I painted around the outer edges.

Because I was impatient, I used my blow dryer to quickly dry the paint. You may let the paint air dry if you prefer. Once the outer edges were dry I painted approximately 1/2 inch all the way around the perimeter of the blank canvas. Then, dried with the blow dryer. After washing my paintbrush clear, I brushed fabric glue on the front of the canvas. When painting the glue on the canvas, I tried to evenly smooth out the glue as much as possible so that the glue wouldn’t be too concentrated in one area.

Finally, I carefully adhered the checkboard fabric, smoothing out the fabric as much as possible on the canvas. Then allowed to air dry. Below are the results. I had large checkerboard pieces that went with an old beach towel and thought they would be perfect for this for a round of checkers.

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