Rainbow Reversible Fabric Insert


For this style, I am using 2.5″ strips for the front and the fat quarter fabric I used in the first style of the reversible fabric insert project to make the backing. All of the steps to make the reversible insert are the exact same as style 1. The only difference is how I put together the front of the fabric which I will describe below. Also, I used only one solid color for the front using the 2.5″ strips and the extra fat quarter fabric to make the reversible bookmark backing in this style.

First, I selected 7 colorful strips and cut them so that they were 12″ in length, then arranged them in a horizontal rainbow. Next, I placed each of the strips right sides together, used sewing clips to pin them together and used a 1/4″ seam allowance to sew the strips together.

After sewing all strips, I ironed the seams flat in one direction. I slightly trimmed each side to ensure they were even. After trimming, the square measured 11″ x 11″. That’s it! That’s all there is to make the front. Click here for Style 1 to follow the remaining steps for putting this project together.

Here are pictures of the finished fabric insert and bookmark using the rainbow strips and fat quarter fabric.









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