Should I Become a Pattern Tester?

The answer is YES! Earlier this month, I was so thrilled to find a new quilt design called the Tangled Stars Quilt by Amanda of QuiltCakes. Luckily, I was able to join her pattern testing group. This was my first experience participating in a pattern test, so I was a bit nervous as I didn’t know what to expect, but decided to go for it! If you have never been a pattern tester, I would highly recommend reaching out to pattern makers. You’re not only helping out others, but you get a chance to enhance your sewing skills.

The Process

Amanda made the process seamless! She sent over the pattern via email and my next steps were to examine the pattern instructions and choose my fabric. Since this pattern calls for 5 different fabric colors for the top, I wanted something bold with contrasting colors. With this quilt, I actually used flat bed sheets that I rarely use. The colors are coral, navy, yellow and teal. The only fabric I ordered for this project was the blush pink fabric for the background.

Once I cut my fabric, I labeled them as recommended within the instructions to keep everything organized. Throughout the process, I was able to connect with Amanda to ask questions and notate any corrections.

Here are some of the quilt blocks within the pattern and a sneak peak of the quilt top.

The Verdict

Being a pattern tester exceeded my expectations and I will definitely participate in more. I don’t know what took me so long! I not only received a new pattern, but also practiced great quilting techniques. In turn, Amanda was able to receive feedback about her pattern from myself and other quilters. Overall, this quilt pattern is fantastic for beginners and advanced quilters. If you’re interested in purchasing the Tangled Stars Quilt Pattern, it will be released September 8th on Amanda’s Etsy shop! Have you ever tested a pattern for a quilt or clothes? I’d love to hear your experiences and recommendations of pattern makers.

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