My Top 10 In The Sewing Community

In a previous post, I shared my favorite sewing tools. Now, I’d like to share with you my top 10 favorite quilters and sewers. I have been greatly inspired by several bloggers, vloggers, and influencers, who I hope to become half the sewists as these ladies and gentlemen!

Jennifer Moore-Sewing Report

What’s not to love about her?! She has definitely helped me rediscover my love of sewing through her YouTube videos. Although I was first exposed to sewing when I was 10 years old, it wasn’t until the last few years that I’ve really picked up sewing and wanting to learn more. During this time, I found Jennifer’s YouTube channel and have been hooked! Jennifer’s videos are very informative and entertaining at the same time. She also takes her viewers on her sewing journey and offers other wonderful content, such as creating amazing dollhouses, sharing her experiences with sewing subscription boxes, and fabric hauls, just to name a few!

Mimi G Style

Hands down Mimi G is an amazing seamstress and entrepreneur on top of her game! I have been following her tutorials from her earlier days on YouTube with introductions to cutting out patterns and sew-alongs. The outfits she makes are gorgeous. She also offers sewing lessons on her Sew It Academy website, has a sewing magazine called Sew Sew Def, has a plethora of great sewing patterns available, and recently launched a wonderful podcast called Business Shet.  I mean, what can’t she do!?

Jenny Doan at the Missouri Star Quilt Company

I like to refer to Jenny as one of the guru’s of quilting. I’ve really learned a lot from her. She does an excellent job explaining step by step her quilting techniques in her many tutorials on YouTube.

Angela Walters

I love her tagline and many sayings such as “Quilting is my therapy, threads are my meds” and “Close enough is good enough”. She has two YouTube channels, one being the Midnight Quilt Show and another called Angela Walters. On the Midnight Quilt Show and Angela Walters channels, she pieces together and sews amazing quilts in a very fun way and provides her viewers with inspiring free motion quilting designs.

Her recent YouTube video inspired me to try to make this blooming medallion quilt, which is a king size pattern, the largest I’ve ever pieced and quilted!

Rob Appell of Man Sewing

I love his energy! He creates everything from amazing abstract and landscape quilts, bags and shares his knowledge of his sewing techniques.

Tabitha Sewer

Another awesome sewer! I enjoy seeing her creative process on Instagram. You have to check out her replica of Beyonce’s Balmain Coachella Hoodie that is fierce! She is so inspiring!

The Crafty Gemini

Vanessa, aka The Crafty Gemini is so talented! I love the way she teaches in her tutorials. Vanessa makes all sorts of items like t-shirts, bags, quilts-you name it! She is purely the jack-of-all-trades. She even has a farm!! You have to check out her YouTube videos and Instagram.

Leah Day

She’s another fabulous quilter who has helped me on my sewing journey through her YouTube videos. I love her calm, friendly demeanor and she also takes her viewers on her sewing journey. She provides great tips on free motion quilting.

Emily Hallman 

I love seeing Emily Hallman’s creations on her Instagram page. Her sewn clothing collection is wonderful and I enjoy her color combinations and fabric choices. She has a very informative blog and displays her beautiful creations on her blog as well. Emily has a furry intern named Harry (her dog) who pops up in her Instagram stories sometimes, he’s adorable :).

Mary Ribeiro aka Ateliermaryribeiro on Instagram

She is a seamstress from Brazil. Mary creates beautiful garments. She also takes you through her sewing process through her Instagram stories and feed.

If you haven’t heard of any of these wonderful individuals, I encourage you to check them out! Who are your favorite sewers?

By the way, which terms do you prefer? Seamstress, sewer or sewist?

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  1. Leslie Hanes says:

    We manufacture outerwear using technical fabrics and we also sell fabric. I particularly love collaborating with independent pattern makers and sharing our projects just for fun. Even though we sew our own product lines as a business I still love sewing for my family as it allows me to create unique designs, and never lose my creativity


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