Fabric Scraps To Tassels

If you’re like me, you have leftover fabric everywhere! Did you know there are so many ways to recycle your scraps? Some ideas include using the scraps as stuffing for pillows, piece leftover fabric together to make a scrappy quilt, or even use scraps to make mosaic wall art. I found fabric in my stash that was large enough for this project, but too small to make a decorative pillow.

FABRIC USED: Fabric scraps measuring  9″ wide x 17″ long (x 24)

TOOLS USED: Sewing machine, large self-healing cutting mat, 3X18” ruler, cotton thread, pinking shears, rotary cutter, sewing clips, iron, ironing board, fabric spray starch (optional)

If you don’t have scraps, but would like to try this project, just cut your fabric in the same measurement (9″ wide x 17″ long).

Let’s Make Tassels!

In this project, I made 4 tassels that were two-toned and 16 tassels that were made from a solid color fabric. First, I set aside 8 pieces of fabric for the 4 two-toned tassels. I placed the two fabric pieces together and clipped them with sewing clips. Then I sewed 1″ vertical lines from the top to the middle. I made sure I back-stitched at the beginning and end of each line to ensure my stitches were secure.

Here is a picture of what the finished lines looked like. The picture below is a bit hard to tell, but my lines aren’t continuous because I left a 4-inch open space between the top and bottom lines.

Here is a close-up of the sewn lines on one side.

Once my lines were all sewn, I used my pinking shears to cut in between the sewn lines to form the tassels.

Then, I turned my fabric horizontally and began rolling the fabric until I reached the end. Once the fabric was rolled, I folded the fabric in half and took one of my scrap pieces to tie a knot towards the top.

The next step is optional. I wanted to open my seams to show the two-tone fabric, but if you prefer, you may leave the individual tassels closed. When ironing, I used fabric starch to help press the seams open.

For the one color tassel, there is no sewing involved. The same technique above was applied when cutting the individual tassel. I used the pinking shears to cut the fabric, spacing the cuts 1″ apart. After cutting, I rolled the fabric (see above) from end to end. Then, folded in half and tied the top, making a small loop for hanging.

Here are the finished results. I made a total of 4 two-tone tassels and 16 one-color solid tassels. I am going to string them along to make a garland. I’ll be adding the garland as part of my fall decorations. I’m thinking I’ll place them on my fireplace mantel or in my bedroom!

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