Coral Inspiration

Happy New Year! Have you heard that the Pantone Color of 2019 is Living Coral?! Anyone who knows me knows that I love my monochromatic color scheme of grey and black :). BUT I do love bright pops of color! I’m very excited to be able to incorporate coral into my home decor this year. In order to get some inspiration for decor, I often use the Houzz app. If you’re not familiar with Houzz, I’d highly suggest you check it out. I’ve been inspired and excited to add coral throughout my home. Here are some ways I plan to add this amazing color!


Towels are a great way to add instant color to your decor, even if you’re averse to color. Bath towels come in an assortment of designs and with Pantone announcing its new color of the year, you’re bound to find coral in stores. You also don’t have to limit your decor to the bathroom, as you can spruce up your kitchen by adding nice coral handtowels. Here are some examples I’ve found.

Pillows & Poufs

I’m really excited about this one! I’ve made plenty of pillows, but have never made a pouf! I am going to take on this project in 2019 to add to my living room decor. Looking forward to going fabric shopping for these items! As you can see in the feather pillow below, you can add a subtle color of coral without it feeling too overwhelming.


Every year I must make a quilt and 2019 is no exception! I don’t have a plan yet of what I’ll design, but I will definitely plan to use a jelly roll. I love jelly rolls that are already color coordinated for me :).


Lighting is another great way you can add subtle color to your decor. Below is a hand painted light switch plate that is in my guest room. I’ve even seen a few creative photos of people using fabric to make fabric covered light switch plates! If you’ve ever browsed the home section of department stores, you may be able to snag some cute lampshades with various prints and colors. If you’re feeling crafty, you can turn a plain lampshade into a decorative one just by reupholstering with new fabric. The options are endless!

How do you feel about the Pantone 2019 color of the year? Do you plan to use it in your decor?

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