Canvas and Sequin Placemats

Have you noticed that sequins are popping up in stores from pillows to dresses, especially the fun flip-style? I thought I would attempt to put a twist on the this latest trend and make a set of placemats using sequins and canvas fabric. I’m always looking for ways to make use of the materials I already have and noticed I had extra canvas drop cloth from a previous painting project. Keep reading if you’d like to know how I made the placemats. They are definitely a fun addition to any dinner party!

FABRIC USED: 6’X9′ canvas drop cloth, 1-yard reversible sequin fabric





TOOLS USED: Sewing machine, large self-healing cutting mat, 3X18” ruler, water-soluble marker, cotton thread, rotary cutter, sewing clips, iron, ironing board, vacuum (yes, sequin is messy-at least the way I cut).

I was able to find drop cloth at my local hardware store for under $8. If you don’t want to use drop cloth, you can always buy a yard of canvas fabric if you prefer. The benefit of using drop cloth is knowing that I will have plenty of fabric left over, which I’ll definitely make use of in future projects. I also had 1-yard of sequin fabric left over from a previous project that I decided to use for this project. One yard is more than plenty for the placemats! I purchased the sequin fabric through Amazon.

Measure and Cut


Drop cloth already comes with hemmed edges,  which I trimmed to reveal the raw edges. Since I’m making 4 placemats, I needed to double the amount of fabric cut. So for this project, I cut 8 pieces measuring 10.5″ wide x 14″ long. Below are the 8 pieces. Place these to the side.

Prepare to cut out the narrow strips that make up one-third of the placemat. I cut 8 pieces 5.5″ wide x 14″ long. You should end up with strips that look like the picture below. Place these to the side.

Now, prepare your sequin fabric. WARNING: You will have a bit of mess afterward. Lay your fabric out and cut 8 pieces that are 3.5″ wide x 14″ long.


Putting It All Together

Place one of the sequin strips right sides together with the wide canvas piece. Since the canvas fabric I’m using is solid and doesn’t have a right side, it didn’t matter how I placed the canvas. If you choose to use a different fabric that has a front design or print, make sure to place the printed side with the sequin facing each other. Sew both pieces using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Repeat these steps for all remaining wide canvas pieces and sequin strips. Then, place one narrow canvas strip right sides together with the sequin fabric. Again, sew both pieces using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Repeat these steps for the remaining pieces. The picture below shows all three pieces sewn together. There should be a total of 8.

Next, grab two of your pieces and place them right sides together. Try to match up the seams as close as possible and pin or clip along the perimeter of your two pieces leaving a 5″ opening. Sew the perimeter of the placemat using a 1/4″ seam allowance. In this case, I started sewing at the beginning of the yellow clip until I made it back around to the pink clip. This was my stopping point. Once you get to this point, turn your two pieces right side out. I used my index finger to poke each of the four corners outward. Complete this step for the remaining pieces until you have a total of 4.








Now that you have all the pieces sewn together and turned right side out, it is time to finish them up! First, I ironed the canvas as it can easily show creases and wrinkles. Ironing also helps press the seams down, which gives a cleaner look. Be sure not to iron over the sequin! I used my walking foot on my sewing machine to ensure my machine didn’t jam sewing all of the layers. With the 5″ opening still exposed with the raw edges, I tucked them in about 1/4″ on both sides and clipped them together. Then I topstitched (sewing very close to the edge) the perimeter for all four placemats. Below are the results.








This is a fun project and is easily adaptable. You can play around with the measurements and fabric styles. Because these placemats are heavy duty, I did not use interfacing. In future projects, I will work with interfacing and post them later. In the meantime, I hope you get to make a set of your own canvas and sequin placemats!

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