7 Uses of Cardboard

Happy Holidays! Did you collect a bunch of boxes over quarantine? Here are my top seven uses of cardboard for your sewing needs.

Trace Templates

Trace and cut out templates for sewing patterns and applique patches.

Create Book Covers

Save cardboard and fabric scraps to create your own book cover. I found an amazing YouTube tutorial on Holly Southern’s channel that easily outlines how to make your own cover. Time to make those 2021 planners!

Have Mini-me Sewists?

Draw a shape, animal or anything you desire. Cut out the drawing and create holes around the outer layer to turn your creation into a lacing card. Use yarn, string or ribbon. Tie one end of the yarn to secure and place masking tape on the tip to allow the yarn to easily glide through the holes. Lacing cards are a great fine motor activity for kids and a good first entry into hand-sewing!


Repurpose a cardboard box as storage to keep fabric scraps and other materials. Put your own touch to it by using a hot glue gun to adhere fabric of your choice to the outside of the box.

Drawer Divider

If you have that infamous junk drawer, you can create a little bit of organization by using 2 pieces of cardboard the length and height of your drawer. Make a slit halfway through and insert the pieces inside each other.

Picture Frame

Create a mirror to add to your sewing room. You can usually find frameless acrylic mirrors at your local dollar or craft store. Use cardboard boxes to create a frame. Pinterests has a lot of great ideas on designing your own frame.

Wall Art

Feeling like your sewing space is bland? Turn cardboard boxes into art by cutting out a rectangular or other shape of your choice and create an abstract art painting. You can also print out a picture and paste it to cardboard to create a textured frame.

I hope these simple ideas can help you make something new out of those cardboard boxes. Feel free to share your ideas for repurposing cardboard in the comments.

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    1. Sheri says:

      Thanks Ashley! Haha, cutting up all those boxes is the hard part :).


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