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Join me on my sewing journey as I create a variety of home decor pieces.

Sewing Resources

Need sewing information? Here are some of my favorite resources.

What is Sewdium?

Welcome! My name is Sheri. Sewdium was created to share my enthusiasm for sewing home décor pieces such as placemats, table runners, quilts, among many other items. This website will showcase my sewing projects and share information about sewing along the way!

Did You Know?

Placing tissue paper under delicate fabrics can help prevent your fabric from jamming your sewing machine.
Spraying a bit of hairspray on the end of thread stiffens up the fibers to make threading the needle easier.
You can use a bar of soap to make markings on your fabric instead of tailor's chalk. The soap will be removed when the fabric is washed.
You can use a dryer sheet to pick up dust and lint on your sewing machine.